2006/07 Key Tax Changes

End of financial year tax help & tax tips - 2006/07 key tax changes

  • Income tax cuts from 1 July 2007. 30% tax rate will start from $30,001. A second round of tax cuts will flow to higher income earners on more than $75,000 in following year. 
  • The Low Income Tax Offset increase from $600 to $750 from July 1. This will phase out once people earn more than $30,000. 
  • The Tax Office will introduce Pre- Populated E-returns to simplify income tax returns. Details of salaries, interest, dividends, health insurance and welfare payments will be pre-prepared. Tax payers will still have to make manual claims for tax deductions or more complicated affairs. 
  • The GST Registration threshold for small business will be increased to $75,000. 
  • A 30% tax rebate for child care expenses will be paid shortly after the financial year. Previously you had to wait two years to receive rebate. 
  • One-off doubling of superannuation co-contribution for those who claimed it in 2005/06 financial year. 
  • Until 30 June 2007, after tax superannuation contributions of as much as $1 million can be made. 
  • From 1 July 2007, tax free super benefits/withdrawals for superannuation fund members turning 60. 

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