Large accounting firm

Should you engage with a big prestigious accounting firm to do your accounting and tax?

Obviously, there are many advantages and disadvantage between the big and the small.

Here are two biggest reasons why you should choose a small accounting firm rather than a large accounting firm?

·       Large accounting bills can bankrupt your business - It is especially true, when you are a new start up or having financial difficulties or cash flow problem.

·       Rather than working with the senior accountant in the large firm, you may be paying precious money to work with junior partners (and not in a timely manner). Again you could be paying a lot of money without setting your needs met.

One of the big advantage engaging in a smaller accounting firm is that you know that your accountant is main point of contact. You don’t have to give a lot of background information first every time you contact your accountant. Also you are expected to pay reasonably lower accounting fees than large accounting firm.

Your aim of hiring a good accountant is that you need an accountant who understands your personal financial situation well and can advise you on ways to lower your taxable income. So which type of accounting firm will you choose?
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