Trust fees and charges

Trust fees and charges

Annual trust preparation of financials and tax return fee

The price will vary depending upon the level of business activity in the trust and the quality of your record keeping. However we price is generally between $660 for small to $3500 for larger trust. Average you are looking $1,500 to $2,000 per annum. Initial start-up trusts or inactive trust charge may be lower than $660. For new engagement the price will be quoted before commencement of work.

Preparation of activity statements for trust

Additional service if required. It is charged on quarterly basis for preparing IAS & BAS. Preparation of quarterly BAS starts from $110.00 per quarter. You are looking at between $110.00 per quarter to $1,100 per quarter for an entity with large number of transactions.

Additional annual costs payable

No annual ongoing fees payable for individual trustee trust. Annual ASIC fee of $263 (2018 financial year) is payable for corporate trustee trust.

Please click here for trust establishment fee.